Thursday, April 28, 2005

Children's Eyes

Sometimes I cannot believe that for ten years of my adulthood I was convinced that I did not want to have children. When they were little, I saw the world anew through their eyes--my own had been nowhere but buried in law books and libraries for years. My babies may be almost grown up but they still help me to participate in grand events I normally wouldn't have even known about.

Last weekend, I flew to Missoula for one day. Of course, I wanted to visit my son because he did not come home for his spring break but also, I went to a concert. Lucas not only plays in the University orchestra but he also plays the viola in the community orchestra, the Missoula Symphony. It just so happens that the best trumpet player in the world hails from Missoula and his mentor was Doc Severinsen. The Missoula Symphony played back up for both "Doc" and his protege, Allen Vizzutti. Each of them performed solos and for the finale, they played together and it was all fabulous.

"Doc" must be at least 80 because his bio said he had served in WW2. (My Dad was young for WW2 and if still alive, he'd be 81.) He sure didn't look 80 though he did have white hair which glowed because of his tan skin. And man, oh, man can he still play the trumpet!! Doc changed from one outlandish costume to another and the crowd roared. He joked and he told stories and the audience laughed and loved him. To be honest, Allen Vizzutti, was the better musician and Doc acted like a proud parent. It was just so much fun. Lucas's Grandma, my Mom, was with me and she had the time of her life. But our fun was quadrupled because as we enjoyed these two trumpet players, we watched Lucas in the second row of musicians play his viola along with them.

My baby--right there behind Doc Severinsen!! Lucas, when he first told me about the concert, had never heard of "Doc". When I responded, "You mean you get to play with Doc Severinsen??!!" he thought I knew the man personally. "No, no, he was one of Johnny's superstar sidekicks for thirty years!"

Lucas still didn't quite get it when the crowd went nuts over the three wild costume changes. Sigh! I think I'll rent some Johnny Carson tapes so my baby understands the magnitude of his participation in the final Missoula Symphony concert of the year---so he can see through my old eyes.