Monday, June 28, 2004


1. Springer was the young female captured and reunited with her family pod in 2002. She has recently been sighted with her family still and she is healthy.

2. The transients that were in Dyes Inlet in Bremerton left shortly after arriving in the middle of the night. My guess is that our local orcas told them about this great place for food so they went there to check it out. BUT, since they eat seals and such and not fish, it was a bust and they left.

3. Luna is the orphaned young male up in Canada who has been separated from his family L Pod, OUR local orcas. The Canadian government has been helping to capture Luna and reunite him with his pod which has now been spotted. The problem is the Native Americans up there believe he is their recently departed chief and with their canoes, they have interfered with the capture and reunification process. Luna does seem to like their canoes better than the Canadian net. Well, I do think our neighborhood bald eagle is my Dad so who knows???