Sunday, June 29, 2008

Warm Days

We are having bright sunshine and heat. Some of the chemo I have received makes me sun sensitive so I have to be careful. But it does feel wonderful to sit outside, to eat outside, and to watch the boats. Luckily, our house cools down at night so we have not been too hot.

My priest's final Sunday was today. He is finally retiring for the second time. I wasn't up for going but I sent my family in my place. And Father Peter came by for a visit afterwards. I will miss him but I like our new priest so it will all work out. Besides, I can call him anytime as a friend though Mother Cynthia is my official priest now for pastoral care.

While my family was gone, I read the paper and fell asleep. It was quiet except for the birds and a nice breeze off of the water. I noticed this ad in the paper for phytoplankton guaranteed to cure terminal cancer and of course, there was a testimonial. You know, I can understand the desperation but it makes me sad that crooks are out there making money off of people's angst.

Again, I am just so grateful for all of the gifts. I have received books, sudoku, pillows, an afghan, chocolates, and a package from a dear old friend where I am supposed to open one little package each day. Cherry, in Kansas City, your letter to me was about as perfect as it could be. I have appreciated it so much.

Well, I am off to go outside again with a glass of iced tea.