Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Not Happy About This

The time is 5 PM on Monday evening. Dave and Lucas are on a hike and I am thinking about what to serve for dinner. It cannot be a big production because I have a Homeowner's Association Legal Affairs Committee meeting. "Ring. Ring." I dash to answer the phone. "Hello?"

"Mom, I am not dead," exclaims a hyper Kaley "but there has been a shooting and there are photographers and cops all over the place. Are you watching the news?"

"Are you sure you are ok? What is going on? Where are you?" I am a tad concerned.

Kaley had gone downtown Seattle to meet a friend who works at Nordstrom for lunch. Our favorite parking garage is across the street from Macy's on Third. Nordstrom and Westlake Center are only a couple of blocks away. Also, the garage provides good access to Pike Place Market. I heard rumors it was going to be torn down to build condos but so far it is still there. We have noticed the last few times we have parked in this garage that some sketchy characters hang out on Third near the entrance to the garage.

After Kaley parked her car and walked out of the garage, she noticed some people were arguing. Off she went by herself to meet her friend and do some shopping. She said she was walking along in her own happy little world when she noticed the chaos. Her destination was inside the parking garage and her car yet all of the hubbub was right there. A business woman responded to Kaley's question about what happened by explaining non-chalantly someone had been shot. Kaley got to her car and called me. She was slightly freaked out and not sure if she would be able to get out of the parking area. Eventually, she did make it home after a cop directed her in a direction she was not familiar with.

At this point, the shooting had just happened a few minutes before. No TV stations had yet shown up and I believe they were still chasing the suspects. Although Kaley had not heard the six gun shots, she had walked into the mess immediately after. Shoppers, tourists, and downtown business people all scrambled when they heard the shots being fired at Third and Pine---across from Macy's---in front of my parking garage. I went online and found the story to be breaking news at 4:57 PM. As of this time, four suspects are in custody for shooting a 25 year old man. The victim is in the hospital and is believed to have been arguing with the suspects. In other words, it was not a random act of violence.


I am not happy about this because my daughter could have been caught in the crossfire. I am also not happy because there has been an escalation of shady activities in this particular area----in front of my favorite parking garage.

I do not like it one bit.

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Andy Rogers/SeattlePI