Friday, October 31, 2008

Spooky Halloween

Finally, we have some Halloween candy to give out this evening. It is always difficult to judge how many trick or treaters we will have because we live on a hill and a dead end street. Our weather is breezy and drizzly so my guess is we will have older kids and teens but not too many little ones.

I am feeling good today so I braved the rain to do my walk with Apolo. I do not know if it is my heightened senses or if we are having the most astoundingly beautiful fall in years. I think the latter because Dave agrees with me. The leaves are colorful and plentiful. Our huge maple trees are shedding leaves bigger than dinner plates. I collected a few on my walk and decided to arrange them for a photo. This is our kitchen table which happens to be a slice of a giant cedar tree under a piece of glass. The white underneath the leaves is a piece of computer paper just to give an idea of size:

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Big maple leaves and a small vine maple leaf and tiny red Japanese maple leaves.

Yes, today is Halloween. I love it that my son still needs my advice on how to accomplish some type of costume. He went to work today dressed as the lawyer that Dick Cheney shot. Lucas was having trouble figuring out how to put make up on to show a face full of shot. Several phone calls solved the problem, I hope.

Typical for the day of Halloween, Apolo woke me up at 7:30 this morning with his scared bark. I know the meaning of a variety of the noises he makes. Apolo is a scaredy-cat, no doubt about it. He made the decision to sleep downstairs in the rec room after New Year's and Fourth of July fireworks frightened him upstairs in the family room. What in the world could be scaring him at 7:30 and downstairs no less? Take a look at those leaves above. I imagine one of them flitted down past the rec room window in the spooky early morning light and startled him. Either that or we have a ghost or two.

We misplaced our Halloween decorations in all of the remodeling mess. I have not exactly been up to searching the house for them but this morning Dave pulled them out from the back of a closet. I mean I have to wear my witch's hat to give out candy, after all! Anything to help my Nick Nolte hair. Before Dave left for work, he hung up Frankenstein and poor Apolo barked and ran behind the table. He was even afraid of me in the witch's hat. The monster mask completely did him in. Ok, so he was still wagging his tail. I think he is like a little kid and kind of likes Mom and Dad to scare him. Besides, it gave us a good laugh. However, I did decide to put Frankenstein out on the porch to greet children. Otherwise, Apolo would bark his head off all day.

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Frankenstein---scary to Apolo anyway!

I think we are ready for Halloween and I am happy to have a little energy to enjoy the day. Our traditional Halloween dinner is a pot of chili but I'm afraid even writing the word "chili" makes me nauseated. Dinner is the only missing piece.

Happy Halloween!

UPDATE: We quite a few kids last night because the weather cleared up---more darling little ones than teens. And I answered the door each time because I love talking to the children. Speaking of children, my daughter dressed up as a rat with the bubonic plague last night. My kids do like "icky!"

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Kaley as a sick rat.