Wednesday, September 29, 2004


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or subtitle Food, Fruit, and ME

1. I found this eggplant at the store and I was going to stir fry him with some Italian Sausage but...He was kind of naughty looking turned upside down so Kaley decided "it" was a nose and gave him a face.

2. I now have a new nickname for my puppy. He has been known as Barf Boy and Diarrhea Dog but now he is Apple Apolo. On our walks (and this is Washington where we can grow apples) he just loves to pick up fallen apples; he carries them three or four blocks and then either a) eats them b) drops them and rolls on them depending on the state of rottenness or c) drops them and pees on them without realizing what he just did.

3. And finally, I have been having a terrible time with fruit flies this year and at this very moment Edgar Eggplant is covered. I can't seem to keep bananas our or peppers and I do not want to spray my kitchen so....what to do???