Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Strange World

1. Sad. Robert Goulet died yesterday of a rare pulmonary fibrosis while waiting for a lung transplant. He was 73. I loved Robert Goulet. My husband and my kids would make fun of me about this. They would laugh when I'd play his Christmas album. I do not know what it was. Nobody else my age ever gave him more than a passing thought but have I said this already? I loved Robert Goulet. On my 40th birthday, my husband surprised me with an evening in downtown Seattle which included a make over, dinner, and a night in a hotel. One of our nieces came to our house to take care of our kids who were 4 and 7 at the time. But the highlight of the evening was attending "On a Clear Day" starring Robert Goulet. I was thrilled to death to be able to see him sing in person and he did not disappoint. His voice connected into the pleasure center of my brain more than any other male voice. 73 does not seem that old anymore so I am heartbroken. He was still performing as recently as Sept. 20th.

2. Also Sad and Strange. My daughter sent me a link to some disturbing news. I will not repeat the link or mention names because so far this story has not been picked up by our local media and this is for the best. The story has, however, been all over the east coast. The Valedictorian of Kaley's high school graduating class was a math wiz and he was accepted into MIT. He is a sophomore there now. Since Kaley was Salutatorian, she was seated with him during the end of the year graduation practices and the ceremony. Although, he wasn't in her group of friends, she certainly knew him. Three weeks ago this boy broke up with his girlfriend of 8 months. She managed to obtain a key to his dorm room and in the early morning hours last week, attacked him while he slept by stabbing him 7 or 8 times. When police arrived, she was still in the hallway and admitted her crime. The boy was hospitalized and will fully recover---at least physically. The father was quoted as saying something like, you can protect your kids and send them to the best schools to prepare them for the best life but you never know what will be thrown at you. Horrible!

3. Sad, Strange but Funny. Here we go again. "I am not gay. I have never been gay. Really, seriously, I insist, I am not gay. ......Really, believe me. I am not gay." A republican man from Spokane in our state legislature is involved in a sordid scandal that involves extortion, meeting in an adult video place, dressing in lingerie, and having sex with another man. Oh, did I mention? He has stated emphatically, "I am not gay!"

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Downtown Seattle last night. Jim Bates/Seattle Times

Happy Halloween. Especially to my babies out there in the world!