Tuesday, February 24, 2009

[Dave transcribing for Janet - Tuesday, 2-24-09]

Sorry this is so delayed. I got stuck in a nursing home for 10 days. Although redecorated, not a very nice place to be-- they didn’t even have wireless [much to Dave’s chagrin]! Luckily – or unluckily- they almost killed me yet again, so yesterday I was shipped back to the UW hospital. The nursing home failed to give me enough fluids so I became severely dehydrated. The plan is to be in the UW hospital for just a few days – to feel better- then go home for ‘home health care’.

Darn – I hate feeling so weak. The doctors and nurses here have just done everything to make me feel better, and been wonderful to me.

Its amazing what a world there is ‘below waist level’!

[looking around the room from her bed]: Red ‘biomedical waste- biohazard’! Blue ‘place soiled laundry’ disposal. And blue-green gowns- open on the back- with all sorts of disgusting ‘art work’. But also beautiful flowers that so many of you have sent. Thank you for all the flowers and cards and thoughts and prayers– I so appreciate it!


[Dave's post-script: Janet's voice is very weak, so it took great effort for her to dictate this blog-- but she so wanted to update you all! Yesterday was another tough day, where it wasn't certain Janet would be around today to write this blog. The doctors recommended that I spend the night with her, rather than go home, which of course I did. But in her typical way, she has bounced backed again, surprising the doctors yet again. But we also recognize how serious her condition is, and that the next weeks will be challenging both emotionally and physically. We hope to have excellent home hospice care to help me out, as well as some additional home health 'respite' care, and the support of many wonderful friends and neighbors, for this next phase of the journey. Let me add my heartfelt thanks to Janet's, for the wonderful support you have all given us].