Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hello everyone!

The Eatons are all safe and sound, back in Seattle after a glorious trip to Germany, Estonia, and Finland. I'll post pictures soon (there's a lot of them, so it will take some sorting out) so you can get a taste of our adventure!

In the mean time, I, in my rebellious, secretive and impulsive way, decided that I would permanently pay memory to my mother on the way home from a concert weekend in Portland with my best friends. We stopped in Seattle on a whim to ink up - here's my first tattoo!

(This is a mirror image photo - musicians, the rest isn't backwards, so don't freak out!)

It's a quarter rest, which, in music notation, means silence for one beat. I love the symbolism of this - that she rests, but music will come in again. There's another spiritual meaning for me behind the rest - in vocal music, a rest signifies a pause as well as a breath in most cases, and in Yoga and Hindu philosophy, "God" is said to be felt at the beginning and end of a breath.  Not to mention the obvious significance of a musical symbol, all of these things make it a pretty rockin' thing to have on my body forever...

.. My mom always, always wanted to eventually get a tattoo, and there were times when we'd thought about getting them together someday. I am a huge fan of body modification so I knew I'd get to it - sadly, she didn't, but this one is for her!! She's probably rolling her eyes at my impulse decision, but I don't regret a thing!!