Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Kalakala Watch It is going through the locks this very minute which means it is out of Lake Union!! WooHoo!!!

I almost forgot--Ten on Tuesday from yanowhatimean.com This time it is Ten Things You Do To Spoil Yourself (How fun):

1. Toast the sunset with a glass of wine
2. Walk Apolo; Brush Apolo; Hug Apolo; Smooch Apolo
3. Watch trash TV (like ET) esp. after an Awards show
4. Eat really stinky cheese
5. Watch for Gray whales and orcas from my kitchen table
6. Go to bed early with a good book
7. Go down to the beach at low tide and look for purple starfish
8. Read Coastal Living Magazine
9. Go to a B&B with hubby
10.Go out to dinner downtown Seattle