Friday, March 05, 2004

Kalakala Watch--it is still in Lake Union

Gay Marriage

When I started this blog, I wasn't intending to put anything here that was too controversial--only observations about the Seattle area and its culture. But actually, this issue is a part of our culture. We have a sizeable and open gay/lesbian population here and some of our dear friends and colleagues are gay or lesbian. And I am going to go a step further into controversy and proclaim that I am a Christian and have read every Bible passage pertaining to this issue. I believe God is trying to open our eyes and our hearts. He thinks it is time.

I was particularly moved by two events. First of all, there is an open letter to Bush in today's Seattle PI (seattlepi.com) written by Steve Davis in response to the proposed constitutional amendment. He is the CEO of Corbis, a Seattle digital media company owned by Bill Gates and he invites Bush to spend a day with his family. Here are some excerpts from this remarkable letter:

..."Spend a day with my life partner of 24 years who is one of the most remarkable human beings you'll ever have the privilege of meeting. A public school teacher...serving as a strong life-changing role model for countless at-risk city kids..."

..."Spend a day with our energetic and cheerful 7-year-old son, Ben. Fully steeped in the values of love, sharing,...Ben is immensely proud of his two adoring and engaged parents,..."

..."Spend a day with our extraordinary community...who reflect the America of today and the future--mixed in race, language, background, family structures and ideas--but united in their deep commitment to our children, to creating a better future, [and] to loving our country..."

..."Spend a day with us as we engage in our community as a family...as we have worked tirelessly...to improve the lives of our less-fortunate neighbors. Come join us as we sing and pray in church..."

..."Mr. President, please come and spend a day with us. And then, over our evening meal, after we have given our nightly thanks to our loving and hate-free God, explain to this same-sex household just what family values you are defending for the future of America."

Secondly, if this isn't enough, I received a letter and newspaper clipping from my almost 76 year old mother who explained to me that two of her dear friends from Montana--a same sex couple-- were married in San Francisco. My mother was thrilled to death for them. In Montana, they have been the target of some terribly hateful violent crimes and yet they have managed to be together for 10 years. An article appeared in the Helena newspaper about the marriage and it prompted this letter to the editor:

"...I have known Mateel and Vicky to authentically exemplify the highest Christian values in all aspects of their lives and it has been my privilege and pleasure to worship with them regularly at a weekly multi-faith prayer service. All are embraced and understood in the Love of God and His Son whose holiness has set us free. It is my fervent hope that all who profess to follow the Way of Christ would move beyond fear and judgment to see His face and love behind all forms."