Wednesday, March 03, 2004


Just say "Kalakala" to about anybody around here and you will get a big guffaw. The newscasters have been snickering about this for months--actually years now and nobody seems to know how the story will end but one thing is for sure--it is ongoing and ongoing and ongoing.

The Kalakala is an ancient 1935 ferry vessel with a neat sort of rounded shape and various people over the years have thought it would be cool to restore it and use it for a restaurant or museum or whatever. It seems to me it has changed hands about a million times through auction and sale with every owner having big plans. However, it remains a rusty, graffiti covered, stinky (whoa bad) piece of junk. Some Seattleites seriously actually tear up when discussing how beautiful it used to be.

Yesterday, it was to be hauled out of Lake Union by tug to either Everett or clear out to Neah Bay and the Makah reservation for restoration. There was an audience--especially to see it go through the locks. I don't understand why the destination is unclear but anyway, the Coast Guard put a stop to it because of weather. The dock owner in Lake Union who wants it gone was really pissed off and so was the new owner who spent a buttload of money on the tugs.

So I am starting a KALAKALA watch and today: IT IS STILL IN LAKE UNION!