Thursday, March 24, 2005

Happy Birthday, Apolo!

My puppy will be three years old on Sunday. Unfortunately, he still engages in behavior typical of a six month old Golden Retriever. Apolo has a thing for remotes. I have lost count of the number he has crunched into destruction. We have a new television with an HDTV box provided by the cable company. They also provided us a brand new remote. This has been too much for Apolo--a remote without his teeth marks.

Last night, while I was with Kaley at her piano lesson, Dave was enjoying a glass of wine, listening to the news, and cooking our steaks outside on the barbeque. Evidently, he was not paying enough attention to the gold furry child. The minute I walked in the kitchen, I heard some expletives and looked out in the back yard to see an adorable Golden Retriever with a remote IN HIS MOUTH!! Not again.

After we ate dinner, Dave went outside and gathered the pieces and the batteries. Voila! With a little duct tape, the remote works just fine.

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Did I chew on that? Who me?

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But Daddy was ignoring me!!

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But aren't I cute?