Wednesday, May 18, 2005

25th Anniversary

Twenty five years ago today Mount St. Helens erupted with a blast that changed lives forever. Fifty-seven people died that day and whenever I hear that number, I always add one more. I wrote about why and how on my blog over a year ago in Natural Disasters, parts 2 and 3.


Tons and tons of ash spewed into the atmosphere. Both of my newspapers today have anniversary coverage of the eruption with incredible photo galleries.



Today, it rains and the weather is cool. Clouds hide the mountains. Twenty five years ago, it was blue and clear and still and gorgeous--so much so that as we jogged with our Golden Retriever, Monty, that morning along the shores of Lake Washington in view of Mount Rainier, we heard a remarkable BOOM! The ash dumped on Eastern Washington and into Montana where my Dad, a smoker with heart disease, walked through it with a handkerchief over his face for a week before his heart exploded.

These two events will forever be inextricably intertwined in my soul.