Tuesday, June 14, 2005

HUH?? Hmmmmmm!

Ok, I admit it. Sometimes the smallest things amuse me.

1. We received two letters last week on the same day from the University of Montana about our son.

The first letter said this: "I wish to recognize your outstanding academic accomplishments by designating you as a Scholar of the College of Arts and Sciences for Spring Sememster 2005. As a CAS Scholar, you successfully met the college's highest scholastic standards of achievement... ."

And the second letter: "LEFT WALL CRAYON SCRIBBLE BY WINDOW DESK. Your student account with the Business Services has been charged....."

Huh?? Hmmm! Crayons at college?? I thought I taught Lucas when he was about 2 to not scribble on the wall. He was very good about using paper. It was Kaley that saw blank walls as her canvas. Oh wait a minute, Kaley used red permanent marker on the living room wall; Lucas did like crayons better.

2. When I was cleaning in the bathroom, I noticed a green paper torn off the top of a bottle on my husband's sink next to the aspirin. You know what they look like--with slanted writing covering the plasticy paper. But this said in line after slanted line--miracle gro miracle gro miracle gro miracle gro miracle gro.

I picked up the paper and took it into the family room where hubby was sitting, "Is there anything you need to talk with me about, hubby?? Anything I should know about? You can tell me about anything after 32 years of marriage."

"Oh, yea!" said my brilliant scientist husband, "I was spraying the backyard grass and I could not for the life of me understand why nothing would come out of the nozzle." (I'm sure there were a few expletives.) "And then I took the sprayer off the bottle and realized you had to peel off the seal.......and I didn't want to litter so when I came in to use the bath......"

Huh?? Hmmmmm!

3. Everybody knows that dogs love to drop and roll to perfume themselves with the most disgusting things. And it gets all rubbed into their fur underneath one ear and down their neck and all over the collar. Apolo has dropped and rolled on dead birds, dead rodents, dead fish, really stinky dead fish, cat poop, cow poop, horse poop and bird poop mixed with grass clippings. Apolo's predecessor, Jeb, almost dove into the stinkiest vile thing I have ever smelled--a rotting sea lion at the beach.

So I was a little surprised the other day when I decided our family room was smelling a bit doggy and I pulled the "Carpet Fresh" off of the shelf. The minute I sprayed the white foam on the family room rug, Apolo dropped and rolled in the foam like it was the most wonderful rotting fish he had ever experienced.

"Carpet Fresh" for that clean, nice fresh scent!!! Huh? Hmmm!