Monday, July 11, 2005

Being a Mom!

Over the weekend, I saw young parents struggling with thirsty, hungry, fussy little children and car seats in a parking lot. Although I regret how fast my children have grown up, in no way do I want to return to those days. Yes, I admit that when they were 10 and 7, I wanted to freeze them because they were so delightful and affectionate. My son would still hold my hand and my daughter would still sit in my lap. And they could be reasoned with. I have always talked to my children as if they were adults which caused me problems before they had acquired rational thought. I wouldn't change my parenting style, however, because it has paid off.

But I love them just as much and even more at 17 and 20. I love seeing them have dreams and have dreams come true. Kaley's dream was to be able to perform on the 5th Avenue stage in Seattle and she has done that twice now. One of Lucas's dreams was to be able to play back up for a rock band. For some reason, being part of the orchestra that played back up for Doc Severensen wasn't as thrilling for him as it was for me.

Lucas had the opportunity on Saturday to play back up for a member of a successful local rock band, Vendetta Red. This is one of the great advantages to living in Seattle. We have an incredible music scene but the city is small enough that when the word goes out that an artist needs strings for back up, Lucas actually has a chance--especially being a rare and needed viola player.

So on Saturday, Lucas on the viola and a violinist from down the street and another friend who plays the cello spent the day in a recording studio in Seattle adding back up for a solo piece done by one of the members of Vendetta Red. And they actually worked with the artist to get the sound he wanted---just the three of them. Lucas said when they finished it was "awesome"! He had a recording of this song before the strings were added and I loved it. I can't wait to hear the finished version. How cool if this becomes a hit song.

Vendetta Red was listed by Rolling Stone as one of the top ten bands to watch in 2003. They have some new recordings out this year as well.

So sometimes it is really fun to be a Mom---even if I did have to pressure them a bit to perform in church yesterday. They humored me and my congregation loved Kaley's singing and Lucas's viola piece.