Monday, August 15, 2005

Only in Seattle

I haven't done my "Only in Seattle" for a while so here goes:

1. Only in Seattle do people get upset that we didn't win the title, "Most Liberal City in America". Evidently, we came in 16th. Ouch! We didn't make the top ten nor even the top 15.
And some quotes:

"What?!? Seattle isn't the most liberal city in the country? It's true. According to a study done by the Bay Area Center for Voting Research, Seattle ranks 16th out of 237 cities in liberalism. ...
While the results bum us out, they're far from surprising -- Seattle is an essentially prudish and, at times, provincial town. "

Detroit is the number one "Most Liberal" and San Francisco, Berkeley, and Oakland all made the top ten. http://www.insidebayarea.com/localnews/ci_2935479

And again from the Seattle PI: "We're a stuffy city, and no amount of gorp and Gore-Tex can hide that." I would agree. We are a little too selfish and inward to be considered truly top ten liberal.

2. Only in Seattle do the residents with an actual Seattle proper address and zip code get upset with those of us in outlying areas calling ourselves "Seattleites". Lucas has a good friend who lives in Ballard within the city limits. She claims it is improper for those of us who live in Lynnwood, Edmonds, Mukilteo, or south in Federal Way to say we are from Seattle. We all do it; this is why it bugs the true ones. I argued with her that Lucas and Kaley were born in Seattle and their Dad works in Seattle and it is just darn hard to say "Mukilteo" and to explain where it is. It is just easier to say "Seattle". No excuses, she says.

3. Only in Seattle is the latest thing not sushi and no longer teriyaki but "pho" pronounced "fu". I thought this was my newest favorite Asian dish only to find out from Lucas's friend mentioned above---the true Seattleite---that indeed all Seattleites must now have their favorite pho place. Mine is next to Albertson's on Bev-Edmonds Rd. By the way, pho is a Vietnamese noodle soup served in a deconstructed manner meaning herbs and sprouts are on the side.

4. And finally, only in Seattle will you encounter the following bill board. This one is on Mukilteo Speedway, presumably because the Speedway leads directly to Puget Sound, the ferries, Mukilteo Beach and a boat launch. It causes me to laugh deeply because I would never see such a sign driving down McDonald Pass in Montana into the outskirts of Helena.

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