Thursday, September 22, 2005

Has My Son Become a Celebrity? Already?

An update: Lucas is settled into his dorm at the University of Rennes. Evidently, he is the only male international student from the United States. Oops! I am supposed to say he is from Mukilteo, a small town not terribly far from Vancouver, B.C. Anyway, he has met several girls from the East Coast. He was a little surprised that the dorm bathrooms are co-ed. But actually, so are our bathrooms in our house so he is used to sharing with girls. Besides, he tells me, there are plenty of doors and uncomfortably no toilet seats to leave up--just the bowl part.

But the e-mail from him today made me laugh. Ok, I think my son is quite cute and I guess he was interviewed by a reporter for French TV at an international student fair. The reporter complimented him on his French. Lucas's understated response to this thrilling event was simply, "It was neat." I hope to get more information from him about this. My son speaks French! He has no TV access so he won't get to see himself.

In the meantime some pictures from home since he has a computer, figured out the adapter, will soon get wireless, AND he is a block from an internet cafe:

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Sunset a couple of nights ago--mountains peaking out!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Olympic Mountains yesterday--no snow yet!