Monday, September 12, 2005


Helena had a devastating earthquake in 1935 and all of the buildings and homes I have posted below obviously came through unscathed. It has been unclear to me but some of the historic areas of New Orleans will be ok but undoubtedly thousands of old lovely homes must have been destroyed. After writing my memories of the Victorian homes of Helena, this makes me sad. New Orleans is a lot older than Helena, too, by about 100-150 years.

I am still so upset by all of this. I saw on TV a man manage to get back to his home by boat to rescue his two dogs. I started sobbing. They were so happy to see their master. My brain cannot even comprehend the children who are missing their parents or the parents missing their kids. And all of the grammas and granpas who have perished! Our church has sent some supplies and tomorrow we are sending school supplies. It seems like so little. A good place to donate money is Episcopal Relief and Development.


It is interesting but true. I tell people that you do not have to worry about Episcopalians pushing their beliefs as a condition to receiving aid.