Friday, September 02, 2005

Mount Helena

Every summer when we visit Montana, Lucas and I hike up to the top of Mount Helena. Mount Helena is 5500 feet high and is actually designated as a city park so it is preserved. A lot of deer make their homes there and as a result every now and then mountain lions can be a problem. You know, it's funny. Here in the Puget Sound area, we call them cougars but you are considered an outsider in Montana if you say "cougar". This is kind of like how we never call orcas "killer whales".

A poll was taken in Helena about the best of everything and the Mount Helena hike won as both the "toughest area trail" and the "hike for wusses"?! Frankly, I always have a little trouble breathing at first because my body is accustomed to sea level. Apolo loves this hike because we see chipmunks and squirrels. This year we had to leave Apolo home with Dave and Kaley because we drove our smallest car due to gas prices and he doesn't fit. BUT, my Mom's dog, Oreo, had an equally good time. (My dog named after an Olympic speedskater---my Mom's dog named after a cookie!)

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A woman on her morning hike volunteered to photograph us together!

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My handsome boy.