Saturday, September 24, 2005

Sunset Over the Olympics

October is almost here. For some reason, October is the month we have the most beautiful sunsets--perhaps because of the positioning of the sun with respect to the Olympic Mountains. Because we are so far north, as the year goes by, I see the sun set and move from the southern sky over Edmonds to my northern sky toward Everett. I remember when we first moved to Seattle, I worked in the Central building downtown on Third. My office had a view between buildings to the water and that first October, the sunsets would mezmerize me. Everything must have been perfectly positioned between our cement monoliths. Oh my gosh, I just solved the mystery of Stonehenge!!

Last night, I tried to capture the sunset which is really hard to do without a wide angle lens because the view expands from my left all the way to the right. But here is a little snippet:

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