Monday, October 17, 2005

Follow Up from "Ah, Man!" Below

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Our View of Mukilteo Ferry Dock clears!

My street is about a mile and a half along the water between two deep ravines. On the waterfront side, we have two mansions. One is lived in and the other is under construction. The first 9000 sq. ft. brick mansion, now worth 4 or 5 million, was built by some very nice people with pizza franchise money. They moved on and the home was occupied for a couple of years by snobby people who kept the gate closed all of the time. Word on the street is that they sold it because they wanted to live in a neighborhood full of homes and people just like them. It is unclear if this place is for sale again but it is being lived in at least temporarily by a friendly real esate agent and his family.

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Typical Edmonds or Mukilteo "northwest style" house with trees and no sidewalks (On the next street up.)

This second home being built is about 9 or 10,000 sq. ft. but rather than being brick and pretentious, it is craftsman style and it fits better on our street. Two houses were torn down to make way for this one. The talk is it is being built by local (meaning Seattle area and not out of state) people who made their unending fortune from either Microsoft or a dotcom. My husband met them while walking Apolo and evidently they have a Golden Retriever, too. He said they were amicable, down to earth, and in my opinion, Golden Retriever people are special anyway. Believe me, this place has an "8" view as you can tell. Everyone in the neighborhood has watched the construction and chatted now and then with the workers. For a while, they had the siding choices on display and those of us who walk would discuss our favorites.

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I like it but I am not sure how a family lives in 10,000 sq. ft. We spend most of our time in one cozy little room and I have a hard enough time keeping the whole house clean. Funny how this looks smaller in the photo than in person.

No doubt our street is changing. Other small older homes along the water will eventually be razed to make way for upscale houses. And our house and lot will become more and more valuable. Obviously, this is great for our kids' nest egg but not so good for our property taxes. This very same thing is happening down the road in Edmonds to a greater extent where there are even fewer empty lots; so older homes are being gutted and redone or completely torn down to make way for the multi-million dollar structures.