Saturday, October 29, 2005

Scary, Creepy, and I Apologize

Hubby and I attended our annual Halloween party with our monthly wine-tasting group. Dave decided to go as our son. Hey, you have to get some use out of those expensive letter jackets, right? Then Kaley decided to dress me up in some of her clothes, her make-up and her perfume. So Dave and I basically went to the party as brother and sister! Ok, this is strange and a little too creepy.

The wine of the evening was Pinot Noir. I don't know what that depressing, souless movie, "Sideways", saw in Pinot Noirs. Dave and I usually share the wine tasting so there is no question that either or both of us can drive home from Seattle, but last night we could have shared our glasses with at least three other people. One of our friends kept saying, "Wash the garlic bread down with it--then it is not so bad!" Sorry, but we don't see the point of the Pinots.

WARNING: The following pictures may cause those with weak hearts or weak stomachs to keel over.

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"Yea, well, Um, Like, OK!!!"

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Sorry, Lucas. I married him for his genes!