Thursday, October 27, 2005

Yesterday Was Gorgeous

The orcas are hanging out around Seattle again. Sometimes they come around this neighborhood and I have been so lucky to see them a few times from my own windows last year. Literally, I walk around the house with binoculars. With my naked eyes, I look for spouts and fins and a couple of days ago it was breezy with whitecaps which can cause a hopeful imaginative person like me to see possible whales every minute of the day.

Anyway, yesterday brought some lovely sights with calm water even if I did not spot my orcas. For some reason, this ferry was going between Mukilteo and Edmonds---not the normal route and I do not know why.

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Washington State Ferry

And last night the sunset was spectacular. They are coming earlier and earlier as we go into our dark time. Dave leaves in the morning in the dark and now is beginning to get home in the dark. He wants to retire just so he doesn't miss the sunsets.

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The Olympics