Thursday, November 24, 2005

Finally, Finally, The Fog Has Rolled Away!

...And I have my two sets of binoculars in the kitchen next to the raw turkey and stuffing ingredients to watch for my orcas.....

...And my little pair in the bathroom because I'm drinking a lot of coffee this morning. We had the first frostiness on the grass this morning so it is cold and the coffee is sooo good!

...And, by the way, we had a little earthquake yesterday--4.1--epicenter north. I was in the bathroom and I felt it. I had been on a good walk and I thought it was my heartbeats, seriously. This is three earthquakes in a row now when I have been standing in the bathroom. What does this mean??

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Five minutes ago!

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And even a little sun on the snow!

Happy Fog-Free Thanksgiving!