Thursday, November 03, 2005

Here Goes!!

I have upped my dose of melatonin at night and my dose of B complex vitamins during the day. I browse the internet for one of those light boxes and the newspaper had a big article about the best lights and the shops in Seattle that carry them. Seasonal Affective Disorder Syndrome (SADS) begins. November is really the worst. December brings the excitment of Christmas and for some reason the cold brings several clear bright days in January and February between the socked in times, but November.....darkness, rain, and wind.

Supposedly, over the weekend, we will experience one of our famous northwest windstorms. You know--the kind that took out and destroyed Ivar's Restaurant in Mukilteo not that long ago. I am happy we had the two big trees taken out of our backyard last summer. And the snow is dumping in the mountains. Ski hills will open this weekend if you can get there. At the moment, I am not sure you can get over Snoqualmie Pass.


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Olympics dumped on--Picture yesterday

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Pouring on Puget Sound--this morning

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Across the street, out my window, looking away from the water--rain!

Actually, I like the windstorms. They are exciting and with our gas fireplace and gas stove and gas BBQ, we can manage without power for a while. Now. I don't need to worry about trees or branches crashing through the roof. So here goes--we'll see what happens!


Whoa! Look at Stevens Pass right now! This is 45 minutes to an hour from my front door in good weather. I cannot believe this is where my English grandparents lived when they first came to this country at the turn of the century.