Monday, November 28, 2005


Technically, this is the correct word and I like to say it, "hoarfrost"! Nobody ever uses this term anymore because it has been shortened to "frost". I think people do not like to say the "hoar" part and that is exactly why I like to say it. Mukilteo is covered with HOARFROST this morning. Sometimes, we get hoarfrost so thick that Lucas has been able to sled on it.

Apolo doesn't like hoarfrost. I am the first one up at 5:45 because along with breasfeeding my children when they were babies, I also fix them breakfast. Both activities are supposed to help with focus in school and good grades and believe me, it has worked with both of my kids. Anyway, at 5:45 AM, Apolo looked outside and refused to go out. At 6:30, we tried again. He sat in the hoarfrost for a minute and wanted right back in. His name is Apolo, for gosh sakes, after a person who spends his life on ICE.

Finally, at 8:30, I tried again. Apolo really hates to walk on hoarfrost. When I tell people that dogs can tiptoe, they do not believe me. This morning, however, I have photographic evidence that Apolo tiptoes. He could not hold it any longer without popping so he had to traverse the hoarfrost!

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"Do I have to...do I really have to walk on the HOARFROST?"

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Tiptoe through the HOARFROST