Friday, November 18, 2005


Wow! I have not done my "Only in Seattle" for a while so here goes:

1. Only in Seattle would a conservative Navy town newspaper, the Everett Herald, laud the decision to place the Puget Sound orcas on the Endangered List. Ok, ok so this is not really Seattle but close. Their editorial in support yesterday was fabulous.


"The 88 or so fascinating and friendly orcas who make Puget Sound their home have finally been declared endangered....

We already warn pregnant women to limit the amount of fish they eat because of the level of contaminants in the fish. We can't warn the orcas not to eat polluted fish, but we can clean up the water, and stop dumping poisons into it, for the health of all species.....

The listing also means federal agencies, including the Navy, will have to review their work in the water. The Navy's sonar tests have come under fire as harmful to the massive mammals, which use their own "sonar," called echolocation....

The amazing Puget Sound orcas deserve no less than the full intent of the Endangered Species Act, not some polluted version."

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HELLO--Navy aircraft carrier from my bathroom as I was changing into sweats on Wednesday this week. Hope none of those sailors had binocs.

2. Only in Seattle does job satisfaction include happiness with job duties but how about the setting and the surroundings??!

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Roofers enjoying the view while on the job, Wednesday.

3. Only in Seattle do customers like the store clerks to be LESS helpful. There was an article in the paper the other day about the new trend and policy nationwide for store clerks to make contact with customers within 30 seconds of store entry and then to follow up with the particular customer several more times. The problem is this policy may work in the South but it doesn't work here. We are standoffish as I have written before. For example, Seattleites favor the REI approach. REI is Seattle based and when you walk in, someone may say "Hello" and that is it. But, if you then need help or advice and you ask for it, the knowledgeable clerks will hike to the ends of the earth for you.

Lucas and I have had this experience. We needed to restring part of his back pack. After a polite "Hello", we looked around and got some ideas and then we asked. The back pack savvy clerk knew exactly what we needed and what would work. He cut some cord for us, put it in a sack, gave directions on how to restring, and charged us nothing.

But yesterday, I went to Sephora, a skin care/perfume/hair product place. I knew what I was looking for but I was accosted by no less than four young ladies wanting to help within one minute of my entry. One even asked my name and told me hers and led me over to this little stand to show me her line of products and proceeded to daub some stuff on my hand. She did tell me I had pretty skin but I am certain that is the line. Yep, I'm Seattle skeptical. Finally, another young woman gave me a free sample of what I was intending to buy. I ran out without making a purchase explaining with a semi-lie that I am allergic and must use samples first. I have no intention of going back. Certainly, these lovely women were doing what they were told but they totally invaded my Seattle space.

Sephora must not be Seattle-based.

4. And finally, Only in Seattle would I not regret going with my husband to a special banquet because I fixed and ate dinner with my daughter with this view. Actually, I do sort of wish I'd gone with him to the "2005 World Citizen Award Dinner" honoring Dr. Bill Foege.

According to Bill and Melinda Gates, " [He] is the rare visionary who is also a brilliant tactician. He has shown the world that improving global health is both a moral imperative and an achievable goal." Bill Gates, Sr. was the host and it was the same crowd of people--the best and brightest of Seattle--who tend to go to these things. I didn't go because it would have cost an extra $125 for my dinner and Kaley would have been alone. It is not that I like to hang out with this social crowd to be uppity but these are truly fascinating people to eat dinner with. It was an honor for Dave to get to go so oh well, I got to see this last night:

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Toast the Sunset--Thursday evening