Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Some Facts

The front page of the Seattle Times today had an article that walking on a regular basis adds years to your life not to mention that it improves health during life as well. Of course, I have to walk because I have a three and a half year old wild and crazy Golden Retriever who becomes terribly naughty in the evenings if he doesn't get his walk. I wish my husband would walk more but he leaves in the dark and gets home in the dark so walking Apolo becomes my job during the day. Understand we have a good sized completely fenced yard but my big baby puppy does not like to be outside unless we are with him. As a result, my dog is a couch potato unless we walk.

Hubby tends to be a little couch potato-ish now that he has found Google Earth. But he has found some interesting things:

1. Our lot is twice and big as our yard. Behind our back fence is a steep ravine and we own the land part way down into the ravine. Because of the steepness and the blackberry bushes, we have never seen or stepped on half of our property. I do believe Lucas has because he came in the house one day all muddy and scratched up from trying to explore.

2. I walk 1 to 3 miles five days a week and they vary from 20 to 50 minutes. I carry a sack of poop for three quarters of the distance usually in a tan QFC plastic grocery bag.

3. The elevation of our house is 100 feet and the elevation of our old house six blocks up the hill is 381.

4. We can see 16 miles south down the water to Bainbridge Island--on a clear day in the winter. We were very surprised at this; we noticed the sun shining on some houses out there and Google Earth revealed they were on a Bainbridge beach 16 miles southwest.

5. We see about the same distance north past Camano and Hat Islands.

6. Today, Apolo and I walked for 50 minutes from 100 feet above sea level to 400 feet above sea level and back again.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
The middle of the Olympics from 400 feet above sea level this morning.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
The southern end of the Olympics from 100 feet above sea level yesterday afternoon.