Monday, November 14, 2005

Ten Reasons Why I Like My Husband

1. Because he loves to watch Boston Legal with me and he laughs out loud!

2. Because he claims he is not smart and his success has been an accident. He is now fourth down from the president of the UW and believe me, it is no accident--this guy could do a rubic's cube back in the day faster than you could say "rubic's cube"!

3. Because he backs me up when our daughter is frustrated with us. According to her, we are the stupidest people on this earth but at least we are stupid together. She claims it is tough living in a house where she is the only one NOT getting mail from AARP; she misses her bro.

4. Because he cooked all weekend and cleaned up the kitchen---herb crusted rack of lamb and ginger glazed salmon and chocolate chip pancakes and ginger/chocolate drizzled pears and we did not have company. Not to mention artichokes, spinach-strawberry salad with raspberry vinagrette, and long grain wild rice.

5. Because he has finally decided to take steps so as not to leave me a young widow like my Mom. The latest scientific research discussed by scientist him and his doctor brother reveals a combination of various vitamins in addition to diet and exercise and lipitor will help--even though I have been telling him the same thing for years.

6. Because he is willing to make a deal with me that if a) he doesn't lose 20 lbs. or b) if the new exercise bike goes unused for 30 days, I put it on e-bay. I say if my 77 year old Mom can walk her dog up on Mount Helena three days a week--even in a Montana winter, we can walk our dog more than that in Puget Sound winter. We don't need an exercise bike messing up my house decor.

7. Because he figured out why the porch lights and door bell blew a fuse and quit working at 5 PM on Halloween and it wasn't ghosts like I thought. And he fixed it.

8. Because he lets Apolo climb up on the couch with him when he reads the Sunday paper.

9. Because he doesn't get mad at me when I kick him in the night when he snores.

10. Because he thinks I am beautiful.