Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Laugh Out Loud (LOL)

I know I am biased but my son makes me laugh. Actually, so does my daughter. Both of them are incredibly funny but in completely different ways. My daughter seems to have inherited my mother-in-law's sense of biting subtle humor. Even the ravages of Alzheimer's did not take it all away until the very end. My son, on the other hand, got it from my Dad. Today, his Live Journal which describes his experiences living in Rennes, France, made me laugh out loud. The European kids must think he fabricates all of these tales but....well, I will quote:


"On a different note, here is a list of some things that I have tried to explain to Europeans (even some Americans) and have had great difficulty, especially if I am explaining in French. So think about trying to get a European to understand:

-shooting guns purely for fun


-pickup trucks (so the back is open but there is no cover...? what??)

-wilderness and the fact that the US has little countryside like how a European would know it

-mashed potatos


-our Native American population

-beer bong

-where exactly I come from and Washington is NOT Washington D.C

-why Seattle has no underground public transport or trains

-mountain lions or cougars (so imagine I am saying, "yeah, so it's a big giant cat, like a lion, but smaller and it lives in the mountains and sometimes comes down into the city and eats our pets. Yes we can hunt them sometimes...no we don't eat them...well I guess you could. Yeah I've seen one. No they are much bigger than a dog. Yes it is actually a giant ferocious cat. No I am not lying.")

-The fact that I had to drive 14 hours to San Francisco, the nearest American big city to obtain my visa

-Bears, moose, and deer will all wander into town sometimes, and might even take a dip in your suburban Spokane swimming pool.

-our lack of passenger trains and trying to explain why the amtrak line only goes through the small towns along highway 2 and not I-90.

-what a redneck is (I gave up on this one)

-the fact that we have to be 21 to consume alcohol and that it is enforced everywhere (almost)

-the fact that we can drive at age 14, 15, or 16 depending on the state so long before we can drink

-necessity of a car

- and finally the fact that not everyone supports Bush, and in fact, most people hate him right now!"