Friday, December 09, 2005

My Puppy

I cannot figure out my dog. Sometimes I think he is so stupid and other times I think he is a complete genius for figuring out how to manipulate me. Guess what? The minute he realized the pet gate was not going to hurt him or cause any kind of pain, he walked right through. So we do need to keep it shut, after all. Apolo could not stand to see us decorating the Christmas Tree without him.

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Helping to decorate--chewing on a fake garland. Mmmmmm!

Sorry rest of the country but we are having gorgeous weather and sunshine. All of the mountains have been out. I see the Olympics from my neighborhood; I see the Cascade mountains in all of their glory--including Mt. Baker-- on my way to the grocery store or Costco; and I see Mount Rainier on the way to the mall to Christmas shop. And they are snowy, white and spectacular.