Thursday, January 12, 2006

A Bright Spot in Our Sunless Lives!

Yesterday, I watched my daughter read her first review by a critic. Yes, of course, it was our little home town newspaper, The Mukilteo Beacon, and I would never expect them to be terribly mean but I believe they are honest. They have a readership of about 13,000 and they adhere to standards of good reporting.

Kaley's face broke into one of her dazzling smiles. Yep, it was a good review. The current issue of the Mukilteo Beacon is not yet online but I have my hard copy and I happen to have the picture from the play that accompanied the article, too---sent to me by one of the other drama mamas.

Kaley has the female lead in the Kamiak winter play, called "The Stuck Pot" and Meredith Pechta, the entertainment writer for the Beacon liked it. She was not so kind about "Cats", a professional production playing in Everett. So, needless to say, we are thrilled about her positive review of Kamiak's production.

And this is what she said about Kaley:

"Kamiak has put together two terrific casts for this quirky production. Jessica Boehm and Kaley Lane Eaton star in the title role. They're extremely funny and sympathetic, which is needed."

"Extremely funny..."! Wow! This is so cool. This is exactly why we thought Kaley might be considered more for the role of Rizzo in "Grease" than Sandy. As soon as the winter play is over, rehearsals being for the spring musical. Ah, the life of show business!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Kaley as "Alice" and Mick as "Edward"