Monday, January 02, 2006

Joyeux Fetes!

We made it back--not with all of our suitcases yet and I'm not sure my Mom made it back. The last I saw her she was going through customs in Detroit. She had a very tight connection to Helena--ours not so tight to Seattle--and she is not answering her phone.

I now have material for our annual Christmas letter. Let me start by saying Lucas came through with ordering a goose from a small boucherie and I'm really really really thankful my Mom spent all of her married life cleaning wild birds. Unfortunately, geese are really really greasy which makes holding a digital camera after Christmas dinner and French wine a tad touchy and when you drop such items on a French tile floor--well, they don't survive.

But, Lucas had a digital and we bought a couple of disposable cameras so there will be pictures.

Stay tuned!