Thursday, January 26, 2006

This is a First!

I have never put a photo of Mount Rainier on my blog. We cannot see it from our house but we can see it from the freeway all the way into Seattle from Mukilteo---when it is "out".

This photo is from the internet and is a view--non-telephoto lens--from the University of Washington. In fact, this is very close to hubby's new office on the main campus.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
UW Campus

And an undate on Seahawk fandom. Doing my errands yesterday which took me to downtown Everett and throughout Mukilteo, I saw two reader boards that said "Go Seahawks" and I saw one coffee shop with "Go Seahawks" in the window and it was not a Starbuck's. In addition, I saw a grand total of two people with Seahawks sweatshirts and I have a feeling I would have seen them even if we were not going to the Super Bowl. I read that everybody in Pittsburgh is wearing team colors everyday. Ok?

An article in today's Seattle PI was about what Detroit thinks of us:

While Seattle's in Detroit covering the city pre-Super Bowl, Detroit's in Seattle, trying to figure out what makes the city tick. "Quirky" is the tag in Wednesday's Detroit Free Press story on the city. The Jet City profile talks about "too-cute bookstores" -- keep the giggling down, you silly philoso-heads at Elliott Bay Book Co. -- as well as fans who argue politics during Seahawks timeouts. How 'bout them ninth council-seat candidates?

It also describes Seattleites as fit, literate, polite, artsy, liberal, nature-loving, with the "hippest football fans in the history of the sport."

"Who are these people?" reporter Tamara Audi wanted to know.

Good question.


Hippest football fans in the history of the sport??!! The Coldplay concert last night in Seattle, attended by my daughter and her friends and everybody both of my kids know, had quite a bit of discussion about the Seahawks and the Super Bowl---now that's totally hip. I mean Coldplay! Are we really that different than the rest of the country? I think possibly yes. We live in a corner that latitude-wise is further north than the northern most part of Maine. This is baseline for strange.