Monday, January 23, 2006


I watched an entire football game yesterday with my husband! And I liked it. I even jumped up and down and screamed. This is fun. I do not know what it is. Maybe it is because we are so tired of gray skies and rain; or maybe there are just so many books you can read; or maybe because it is still too soggy to get out in the yard to garden; or maybe we want something to be positive to be united about.

Everybody is talking about it. The Seahawks, I mean. At church yesterday, we had little blue and green pom poms decorating the altar along with the flowers. We did not pray for them to win because we do not believe that is appropriate but who knows what kind of prayers people were saying privately. Our tables in the parish hall were decorated with confetti and little footballs for our soup potluck and Annual Meeting. Most importantly, we wrapped things up quickly so we could get home and get ready to party by 3:30. And sports averse ME was running the meeting.

I think my jinx days are over because I watched the whole game and WE WON! I didn't have to leave the room. Seattle went crazy last night. Actually the entire Puget Sound area went nuts. My daughter went to a movie because she is even more sports averse than I am, but it ended about the same time the game ended. She said there were fireworks everywhere and people screaming like the 4th of July or New Year's Eve.

The Seahawks have never gone to the Super Bowl before. We moved here 27 years ago the very month the Sonics (basketball) won the National Championship and the city went nuts then. We wondered what kind of interesting place we had moved to. The Seattle Storm (women's basketball) won a National Championship a year or two ago and other than that, no Seattle sports team has made it this far. 27 years ago the Seahawks were a new franchise and very popular. Even I knew who some of the players were--Dave Krieg, Jim Zorn and Steve Largent. Krieg and Zorn still live here and were at the game yesterday. Seattle was one of seven cities whose team had never gone to the Super Bowl---until yesterday. Paul Allen, Bill Gates buddy, native Seattleite and co-founder of Microsoft, is the team's owner so this is just cool.

Poor Lucas--to be in France when the Seahawks go to the Super Bowl?! This is kind of a cruel turn of events.

Ok, so maybe we do not act like other folks in America and celebrate entirely the same way. Instead of beer, I was drinking green tea. It is still drizzly, misty and cool. Hubby doesn't like beer either. At half time, we opened a nice bottle of 1999 Australian Syrah and pulled out the Camembert cheese and a baguette. After the game, we fixed a lovely pan seared Alaskan halibut (caught by hubby) with citrus sauce, broccoli, and baked stuffed portobella mushrooms.

Frankly, we have not had good pizza since we left Kansas City 27 years ago nor is there good BBQ around here. Pork rinds are disgusting and it is too chilly to drink beer. So we do not know how to do football--the food part! But, we still won. For the first time in my life, I am actually excited about Super Bowl Sunday. Who would have thought?