Tuesday, February 07, 2006

An Article in This Morning's Everett Herald

No matter how sorry we are feeling for ourselves, there are always those whose problems are worse. I did not get beyond all of the Seahawks articles about the Super Bowl officiating until just now. We can see Camano and Whidbey Islands from our leaky windows and this is what happened to them:

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Michael O'Leary / The Herald
Mike Lawless on Monday surveys the storm damage at his Driftwood Shores home on Camano Island.

Hmmm! Kind of ironic the name of their neighborhood is Driftwood shores but here are some quotes:

"Carpet, furniture, everything is ruined," the 57-year-old Camano Island man said.
Two days after the storm, dozens of homeowners in his Driftwood Shores neighborhood were sifting through muck, flotsam and sea-soaked logs that had surged onto their properties during the damaging combination of strong winds and high tides.

Up and down the street were parked the vans of a plumber, an electrician and a fire and water restoration company that were helping his neighbors clean up....

....[In other areas] Outages were caused by trees and tree limbs falling on power lines, he said. Trees fell on roads, property and even cars, but no injuries were reported.
In Mukilteo, Don Surface's dreams of restoring a 1934 Pontiac four-door sedan were crushed when a 60-foot tree smashed it.
"It was totally original," Surface said, adding he bought it from the original owner 19 years ago.

"It was a shock. I was really saddened at first," he said of the total loss. "However, it's metal. It's not a human life."... [OUCH!]

...Some residents on Camano Island said they feared for their lives during Saturday's fury.
"My house, the second story, we had waves hitting the bedroom window," Lawless said. "I've been up here 11 years, never seen anything like this."

Monday's late afternoon sun reflected brightly off the thick snow on Three Fingers Mountain to the east. Mount Rainier loomed to the south. The insurance adjuster was expected soon, but Lawless could only guess with a joke at what his property was worth.

"Now I have a $10 house with a million-dollar view," Lawless said.


What a winter! And it all is absolutely nothing compared to what the Katrina victims are still dealing with.