Monday, February 06, 2006

Congratulations Pittsburgh

I don't know that much about football but I watched the game yesterday. As it turned out, it was quite festive at our house. Kaley had all of her friends over here and Kaley, a masterful cook, prepared the food. One of my friends--the Mom of one of Kaley's friends--watched the game with us. Her husband is a merchant Marine so he is out to sea for months. This woman has been my friend for years. I became acquainted with her when our sons were in the same kindergarten class. But as it has turned out, our daughters are the best of friends.

I do enjoy it when my kids have their friends here. I was so glad I kept the weenie Seahawks newspaper hats because they became prizes in answer to two questions: Who was the Seahawks QB and who was the Steelers QB? Kaley was so relieved that her Dad and I were not wearing them that she seemed pleased I gave them as prizes. These particular kids--both boys and girls--had a tough time answering. At half time, it was fun to go upstairs and give the kids a bad time that our generation is coolest--I mean the Rolling Stones for entertainment! And kids today know the words as well as we do to the songs.

The three adults scored the big TV downstairs and the kids had the smaller one upstairs. Both are HD. Our power never did go out even though recorded gusts ranged from 50-68 mph in our area. Evidently some people were still without power and the newspaper had lists of restaurants and bars where you could watch the game. My friend is Peruvian and was not raised with football so this was great. We chatted about kids and food but then screamed at appropriate times. Lucas called us after the first bad call. It was the middle of the night in France and he was going to bed but he did manage to watch the beginning of the game before they locked the dorm TV room. He said it was so weird and hilarious listening to it in French. The commentators were trying to explain the rules they did not understand.

Neither of us know a whole lot about this game but we know enough to conclude three things:

1. We were robbed of a clear touchdown. He caught the ball in the end zone with the tiniest brush beforehand to that other guy. I don't even understand how we didn't get that one. I'm not blind.

2. The Steelers were awarded a touchdown they clearly didn't get. The ball didn't even go over the line. I'm not blind.

3. And there were so many mean Steelers fans there, the officials were only thinking of their own lives and their families. If the officials had even once seemed to favor the Seahawks, they would never have left the stadium alive. I can understand that.

So we didn't win. My friend and I agreed that comparing our two cities, Pittsburgh needed this more than we do. Football is their focus and their life. We, on the other hand, have a lot more going on.

Like trying to figure out how to fix our mudslide and oh yes, I guess there is this new upscale Peruvian restaurant in Kirkland on Lake Washington that is to die for!