Friday, February 17, 2006

Days Like Today

These are the times that make us forget very quickly the endless rain of only a few days ago. All mountains are out and all dressed up in their finest. I can't even remember what gray looks like today.

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Taken up the sidewalk a few feet from my front door.
Olympic Mountains and the Southern Tip of Whidbey Island

And on a side note, this is what I read in my son's blog this morning. We have paid thousands of dollars for his education but evidently the French students have been on strike for two weeks over issues completely irrelevant to Lucas or us---something about post graduate employment. But does this keep him from being involved? He was born with an adventuresome spirit but sometimes all of this makes me apoplectic.

We joined the decent sized crowd and marched through the streets blocking traffic, making lots of noise, and drinking. It was pretty fun, and I was hoping it would get out of hand, which it finally did. It was sweet. We were at the parlement building yelling and banging pots. People threw some firecrackers over the gate and some people climbed up it too. Fianlly, someone climbed up and tore down the French flag, which got people really excited. Then the police who were inside the building finally had enough and tear gassed us. We ran down the street and then when the gas cleared everyone came back and started chanting "S.S! S.S!" which is basically calling them nazis. We got tear gassed again and the crowd lessened, but came back. I didn't feel the effects too much, just a little bit. Then people started throwing stuff at the gate. It was about this time we left, since the crowd was less and we had friends waiting for us at a kebab restaurant at Place Ste. Anne. During this madness I saw that girl again who has my CD (her name is Lucie and she is quite the revolutionary) so I talked to her a little but the tear gas and large crowd separated us and I failed yet again to even [get] her phone number.

Oh, how romantic---the tear gas and the crowd separated him from beautiful Lucie, the revolutionary, yet again. For me, being a parent has not really become easier. I have thrown these beings to the world and there isn't a whole lot I can do at this point.