Saturday, February 11, 2006

Do the Catholics and the Mormons have the Right Idea??

About having kids I mean. Sometimes I think my hubby and I should have created more human beings than just two. The two we created are phenominal. Actually, there was a third but it ended very unhappily and someday when I am ready, I will write about that. I do not mean to sound pompous but we made great kids. And I believe a lot in genetics so I'm not certain we had a lot to do with how wonderful they turned out.

Today was Solo-Ensemble competition which is a regional music festival involving several schools in our area both private and public. Last year, my daughter took one of two first places in her category of mezzo-soprano for voice and qualified for the State competition where she received a superior rating and an honorable mention.

This year, she decided to enter in piano as well as voice. Kaley managed to receive a 1 (one) superior rating for her piano performance. A duet garnered a 1 minus. And her solo earned her another 1 or superior rating.

We waited and waited for whether or not these scores woule mean qualifying for the state competition. Her voice performance was a State qualifier and her piano performance translated into first alternate. The Bach duet didn't make it but it was beautiful nonetheless and I will make sure they do it in church.

I can't believe it!! My baby won mezzo-soprano two years in a row at the regional level which means a trip to the State Competition. Chances are good that she will also be able to perform her piano there, too, being 1st alternate. This time we will kennel Apolo. I am sooo so happy and proud.

I was very nervous the whole day--I cannot imagine how Yuki Ohno handles the Olympics. I'd die of a heart attack right there next to the ice.

How is it that our two kids have done so well with music when Mom and Dad totally suck? A gift to them and to us--a fabulous gift. Thank you.