Saturday, February 25, 2006

If You Haven't Watched the Olympics--Don't Look at This

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Dean Rutz/Seattle Times

I watched the Super Bowl and the Seahawks lost. I went to Calgary a couple of years ago to watch Apolo skate in a World Cup and he came in 6th overall. So I refused to have on CBUT this morning, the Canadian TV station which shows the Olympics in real time; I wouldn't come on the computer or listen to the radio until I knew it was all over. Not that I believe in the whole jinx thing but you know--I wasn't taking any chances.

But oh man! For me, Apolo has made up for Seattle losing the Super Bowl. I am so excited. He won two more medals tonight--a bronze for the relay and gold for the 500m. A gold medal for the United States and for Seattle. Unfortunately, the canine who shares his name is really not interested at all.

And by the way, when I am not all nervous and stuff, short track is about the most exciting sport there is.

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Apolo during the Olympics Last Night!

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Apolo tonight!