Friday, February 03, 2006

Seahawks Friday

1. I am beginning to see more and more people wearing Seahawks garb. We are supposed to wear blue and green today. I even bought a little Seahawks baby bib for a certain new member of my family who will be a boy and who will come into this world in Helena, Montana within the next two weeks.

2. I actually saw green and blue Christmas lights arranged to spell, "Go Hawks"! But, some folks down the street still have their Christmas tree up and it is lit up every evening. Maybe this is how they are being football fans. There aren't any rules, but is this strange?

3. My daughter is going to a Super Bowl party with her very non-footbally theater friends. I mean, if she is going to a Super Bowl party---the fever has definitely turned into a contagion. She tells me it is for the food and they will all cheer at inappropriate times because not a one of them has ever watched a football game. These kids don't even go to their own high school's games.

4. My husband and I, on the other hand, are not going to or having a Super Bowl party. It is not that we don't have friends but we don't have football watching friends. I would bet that in Seattle there are more families watching the Super Bowl solo than in Pittsburgh. And most of the University crowd we hang out with have crummy small televisions and maybe no cable. Hmmm? Maybe they were expecting us to invite them? Nevertheless, the Seattle Times has the weenie cut-out Seahawks hat again today. I saved the one from the other day so now there is one for me and one for hubby.

5. A super wind storm is predicted for Saturday night and Sunday. After all of this rain and an earthquake, this doesn't help our landslide risk. Plus, if the power goes out for a significant percentage of the population on Sunday as predicted......oh, man! I don't even want to think about it. There may very well be a line of people on the Aurora Bridge getting ready to jump. And this is Seattle---so don't try to cut in.

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"Brace for wild winds, thanks to La Niña

Blue skies in the distance and the Olympic Mountains basking in — could that be sunshine? — Thursday morning were a reminder that drier weather is possible. But weather forecasters warned that a severe windstorm and cold front would likely roar in late tonight before milder weather sets in next week."