Friday, March 24, 2006

Domestic Dispute

My husband called me an unflattering name this morning. Ok, ok, so he was still upset that Gonzaga lost last night in the last two seconds of the game. He was reading about it in the paper and listening to the King5 anchors on the television discussing it. We wanted Gonzaga to go further during this March madness. After all, they are located in Spokane and two of our nephews and two of our nieces attended Gonzaga Prep High School.

He was lamenting and the TV anchors were lamenting this tragic loss when the team had been leading the entire game and by 17 points at one time. But they are out so we look to the UW Huskies who play the UConn Huskies. I am not really following all of this except I notice strange things. For example, one of the Gonzaga players is pretty cute with long hair and a rather thin mustache. His photo is all over the sports pages this morning. One of the King5 anchors noted that this players fans were sporting fake mustaches at the games in the same way that Apolo Ohno's fans would wear fake soul patches on their chins. So I was sorry they lost to UCLA in such a heartbreaking way.

Anyway, on to my husband's insult. During all of this discussion this morning, the new weather person on King5, who I have never seen before, said she was torn between the two teams. She said she lives here now, so, of course, she should be supporting our local teams. But, she went to UCLA. "What?" I proclaimed. "Look at her. She is blonde, tan, and cute and doesn't belong here. She is from California and she made a statement on TV this morning when all local basketball fans are in tears that she was kind of for UCLA! Oh my. King5 is going to get letters, I bet."

Then it happened. My husband called me a name. "You know--you are a 'placist'." A period of silence followed for several seconds.

"What did you call me?" I asked.

"A 'placist'. You know--kind of like the 'r' word but 'placist'. You are intolerant of anyone from somewhere else but here."

"Have you heard that term before or did you just make it up......just now?" I replied with instant curiosity.

"No, I came up with it this minute. You are a 'placist'!" Ah, hubby had that twinkling grin on his face.

"Wow! Absolutely brilliant. This is an absolutely brilliant term. You are brilliant! I hate to admit it but yes, I think I am a 'placist'......along with just about everybody else in the Pacific Northwest, I might add."

That was three hours ago and I'm still thinking about it. Being a "placist" is not really a good thing. Because it means I am intolerant and prejudge other people based upon geography. I plead guilty and I am not giving excuses but I do believe the attitude is a part of our culture in this corner of the country. And that is exactly why King5 is going to get letters.

Oh and yea, our Huskies are more real than the UConn Huskies because we are the gateway to Alaska. In fact, Seattle's flourishing growth in its infancy was all because of Alaska. So who does East-coaster Connecticut think they are...........?

Om, sorry.