Sunday, March 19, 2006

My Son--Ah yes!

He is not in classes because the French students are on strike all over France and it is evidently escalating. But he does have time to read and write which includes keeping his Live Journal. Anyway, he has his own list of the top ten reasons why he is a Northwesterner in response to my post below---and I am proud that he, too, has become a combo. What I mean by that is he is a combined Montanan and Puget Sounder like his Mom and Dad.

Top Ten Reasons I am a Hardcore Northwestern:

10. I was terrified driving in California

9. I scorn Atlantic salmon and those who eat it

8. I consider Minnesota “back east”

7. I have seen Pearl Jam in concert twice in one week

6. I do not own an umbrella and have almost never used one

5. I have never really been to the east coast, but I have been to Hawaii and Alaska 7 times in my memory

4. If you said, “use a hoochie and a strip, clip it to the downrigger and drop it down to 55.” I would know exactly what you meant.

3. I shoot guns and drive two 4x4 vehicles, yet I am still liberal

2. I made a shirt that says “Washington Grown” in response to the Alaska version, and my friends get the joke.

1. I have actually taken a girl clamming


Cracked me up!!