Friday, April 21, 2006

A Day at a Time!

Yesterday was a gorgeous day. This morning is gloomy and drizzly again. Easter was incredibly dismal; my family is thinking we should be shaking off the SADS by now but it is difficult. A couple of weeks ago a report came out on the pollution in Puget Sound and I guess there are significant levels of anti-depressants and caffeine out there that Puget Sounders have eliminated from themselves and flushed away. Evidently, the sewage treatment plants are not designed to screen out coffee or prozac. Seriously, the scientists are finding anti-depressants and caffeine in our fish. I am not kidding!


This winter and spring sure aren't helping the coffee intake----and outake. No wonder the annoying California sea lions are migrating here and eating up all of our salmon. The word is probably out among the marine mammals all over the west coast, "Hey man, I don't know what it is about the fish in Puget Sound! But it gives you a buzz and then you just feel so happy.....go try it. Arf! Arf! And they have these rough hewn log cruise ships. After you get your fill, just hop aboard and veg out. Man, you don't even care if the sun is shining or NOT! OoooWeee, baby!"

A brisk walk in the sunshine does wonders. So, yesterday, when the sun was out, out we went for my long version and took the camera. I have three walking routes--long and puffy, medium, and short and sweet. The long and the short contain significant hill climbs and Apolo loves them all. But today is yucky so I will look at my pictures instead and I even turned the one of my back yard into my wallpaper.

And I'm drinking my French-press coffee, waiting for the next beautiful day, and flushing.

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Beginning of walk in my back yard.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Front yard--rhodies and Azaleas about to pop.

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Mid walk; Creek on Chennault Beach Gulch

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End of walk; Big Gulch and this is very steep and about 100 feet down.
The picture doesn't give the perspective.