Thursday, April 13, 2006

Only In Seattle

Every now and then, items seem to stack up which can only be described as....Only In Seattle!
1. Only in Seattle do we have the most educated population. A while ago, I had reported that we were ranked as the most literate city but we really are the most educated. A whopping 51.3% of the adult population in Seattle has a college degree with over 90% having high school degrees. In my neighborhood, 49% have college degrees with over 97% high school graduates. The city that comes in second place is San Francisco at 51%. Ok, ok so this is practically a tie but since a couple of my friends who read this blog live in San Francisco, I still have to rub it in that Seattle has the Gold Medal and San Francisco has just the Silver. Finally, we are second in the nation for advanced degrees beyond college behind Washington, D.C.

2. Only in Seattle are the computer geeks playing havoc with our state quarter voting. The choices have been narrowed to three: a) a salmon with Mount Rainier b) our state with an apple and salmon superimposed and c) Native American artistic rendering of an Orca. Somebody rigged the voting to make choice c) get tons of votes very quickly so they have had to start over. Personally, I like the Orca quarter but the way the voting was going, most people did not like it. Some other Orca nerd like me decided to take control of the situation but....oh well.

3. Only in Seattle would an old ferry which has had nothing but troubles and is unwanted by every one and is moved from place to place and is actually just a pile of junk get placed on the National Register of Historic Places. In fact on this blog in the past, I have written about the Ferry Kalakala because it is something that has been with us forever and will be in the future--especially now. I just do not understand how it can be considered an "Historic Place" when it has no place to be.

4. And finally, only in Seattle, (well, it was Bellevue to be exact) would you hear someone order their Latte at a coffee shop with all of the specific details.....including.....and this is true.....Kaley and I heard this with our own ears just today.....yep, we heard someone order their Latte at Tully's....to be exactly "180 degrees, please".

Must have been someone with an advanced degree!