Monday, May 22, 2006

Good Bye Dear Friend

I just found out that my dear friend Patti died yesterday. See my post below which I wrote to her as a tribute for Mother's Day. She did get my letter and others as a part of a project her daughter put together. She read them with joy and laughter. My last conversation with Patti was on Easter Sunday. I had sent her flowers because I knew she wasn't feeling well with all of the chemo and everything. She called me while they were fixing Easter dinner. Easter Sunday she felt much better than she had a few days before. She was very positive about her treatments and the next steps they would take. This was just four days before she knew.....

We were preparing to fix our dinner as well--Curt and Patti with their daughter Julie, and Dave and me with our daughter Kaley. So many times in the years past we had joined together for these holiday dinners and we talked about what we were each cooking. She apologized to me that they wouldn't be able to make the trip to Mukilteo from Pennsylvania to see Kaley in "Grease". At Christmas time, this was the plan because the timing was perfect with an advisory board meeting her husband had scheduled at the UW. Two years ago, this same meeting brought Curt and Patti here for a visit and they saw Kaley in "Les Miserables". This was the last time I saw her. Patti loved the Kamiak musicals because Julie had been in them every year. It was a treat for her to see Kaley perform and she was looking forward to another trip out here.

I cannot bear the reality that never will I see Patti or talk to her again. I cannot bear it. The memories I will have are terrific. But it really sucks that memories is all we have.

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The four of us in Florence--Patti's great purple shoes and skirt!

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Trying on hats in Italy.

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Julie's College Graduation---one year ago.

Of course, Patti planned her own memorial service as I knew she would. Her request is that her life is to be celebrated with bright colors. I wish I had some purple shoes.