Friday, June 09, 2006

Turn Around and You're ........!

I miss my son--really a lot. Especially, I have missed him because we are going through all of the end of high school events with his little sister and it feels like he should be here.

Lucas missed "Grease" although I am not sure what he would have thought about Kaley playing the bad girl and kissing a boy on stage. Lucas missed Senior Recognition night where Kaley received a Performing Arts Boosters scholarship and he missed the last choir concert where Kaley received a Music Achievement Award. He is missing his birthday with us on Sunday and he will miss Kaley's graduation next Friday.

I received this e-mail from him today and I just laughed:

"I am alive. Went to Morocco ok, all worked out well. We are in Sevilla now
after a long bus ride. well I have to go watch the world cup now. I might
call you if I can, bye bye. See you soon!


You see, he is travelling with his buddy---a kid he has been friends with since pre-school. As soon as we moved to Mukilteo, I enrolled Lucas in a Montessori pre-school. He tells me now that he hated it and the teacher was mean. He never told me that at the time because I suppose he thought it was supposed to be that way. But he made friends right away with a boy named Seth. Finally, he found someone who was as bright or brighter than he was who liked hearing about the countries of the world. These two boys brains just locked together and they would laugh and laugh about things most three and four year olds had no clue about. Middle school brought issues between them that really were not resolved until late high school. Now in adulthood, Seth and Lucas have reunited. Seth was studying in Rome and they had planned for a year to travel together after they each finished this semester. Together they went to Morocco and are now in Spain.

It seems like yesterday that these two little boys were giggling and getting in trouble in that pre-school off of Olympic View Drive in Edmonds. I have been hoping they would not giggle and get in trouble in Morocco--guess they didn't.

Anyway, at Kamiak High School the parents of the seniors can purchase ad space in the annual and use it to pay tribute to their child. We did this for both of our children. It is heart wrenching in a way because all of the parents use it as a way to send their seniors into the world. When I put together Lucas's ad over three years ago, I wondered how his life would be but I knew from the time he was in that pre-school with Seth that somehow these boys would travel the world. I was right--I just didn't know it would be this soon.

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June 16, 2003

Kaley just received her annual. When I created her ad 6 months ago, we had just found out she was picked to be Rizzo in "Grease". I am excited for her. She, too, has her passions and like Lucas, she will pursue theater, music and writing with the same fervor. It is extremely difficult for me to let her go. She is my baby after all and I cannot believe this is all about to be over--the whirlwind that surrounds her.

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June 16, 2006

Happy Birthday, Lucas

Happy Graduation, Kaley