Thursday, July 06, 2006

Raining but I am NOT Complaining

At the moment, on the vast and beautiful Puget Sound, we are experiencing a misty rain and 57 degrees. I love it. In both Slovenia and Hungary, we had some hot hot days that we could not tolerate. Unlike the United States, the places are not air-conditioned and our vacation cottages with our beds up in second floor lofts were like ovens. In Ljubljana we bought two fans for 9 euros each and since we had a rental car, we hauled the fans with us to Hungary. Nobody around here has AC--not even Bill Gates I would imagine because you open a window and receive the most wonderful breeze off of our cool waters. And we do not have many flies or bugs.

Kaley, who was reading "The Poisonwood Bible" about a Baptist missionary family suffering in the Congo kept reminding us that we were weakling pansies. And Lucas kept rubbing it in that it was a whole lot worse in Morrocco where he had visited a couple of weeks earlier. They were right, of course. Luckily, it cooled down in Hungary on Lake Balaton and it even rained on our day trip into BudaPest. There we were--the four of us--Seattleites traipsing around BudaPest with no jackets or umbrellas and enjoying every single rain drop. It felt fabulous; people thought we were nuts. Kaley and I did not even care about our hair--we had been living without hair dryers or curling irons because the plugs are all different. Both of us have curly hair and the rain makes it curlier. For some reason, even the hint of rain or a cloud causes Europeans to put up an umbrella.

Anyway, I will have pictures. I did not take our digital camera because it is big and clunky and I did not want to drop it again. Besides, both Lucas and Kaley have small compact digitals and they promised they would share while my disposables are being developed. More later!