Thursday, August 17, 2006

Bobby Update

Bobby is called Rob now but to me he will always be Bobby. I told him that after he returned from Iraq the first time. It seems that his story struck a little nerve. To the huge group of us of a certain age, Bobby represents all of our children, I guess.

I want to thank Chuck Sigars, a friend of mine and an honest to goodness published author, for posting Bobby's plight on his blog. He went further and devoted his column in this week's Mukilteo Beacon to the story.

Chuck's Blog--The World According to Chuck

And his column in the Mukilteo Beacon

With some quotes:
".......I also read the news coverage and the interviews, and something smells bad. It smells like scapegoats. It smells like roulette-wheel justice, arbitrary justice. Public relations justice. But, again, I don’t know.

I just know there was once a little boy. Lots of them, and little girls, too, and I wonder what we have done.......

.....I just keep thinking about the little boy. The one who loved video games and dogs. The one who grew up on us while we weren’t watching. The one who holds his niece with a smile on his face, in the picture taken before he went for his third tour. The one who saw the twin towers come down and wanted to do something about it – to sacrifice for his country, to make a difference.

The one I just want to come home."

People I do not know also picked up the story. Both liberal and conservative blogs wrote about Mukilteo's young 22 year old Marine. I do not see this as a partisan issue. It is a human issue and an American issue. So thank you to the following blogs who sent Bobby a little further into cyberspace:

The Democratic Daily

The Katrinacat Blog

The Tanker Brothers (August 15th post)

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Bobby, Lucas, opening birthday presents with "Jed" right in the middle.

Bobby's Mom and Dad, who read my post, sent me the following photo of Bobby, Lucas, and Kayla (Bobby's sister) in their fort in the woods which was actually right across the street from our houses. They didn't know it but we could see and hear pretty much their every move, though they pretended they were deep in the wilderness!

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